COVID-19 policy

During the current Covid 19 pandemic and in order to ensure your safety and that of our team, please make sure you are familiar with the following policy:

The purpose of this document is to provide clear and concise information to patients regarding the procedures in the clinic.  By giving you information about what to expect, we can all help limit the risk and protect patients, team and practitioners.  This document is subject to change in line with the ever changing developments and announcements from the government.  Please check regularly for updates.


If you have had or been in contact with anyone with a new persistent cough, high temperature or have lost your sense of taste or smell in the last 7-14 days please contact us to postpone your appointment.


Please then follow the current government advice regarding self-isolation.

To help protect you, our staff and our practitioners we have produced a set of simple patient guidelines to give you a pleasant and most of all safe visit to the clinic.We ask that

  • When booking an appointment, please ensure your email address and phone numbers are up to date as we will be sending pre-appointment messages with more precise details on the appointment process.

  • When attending the clinic please arrive on time and not early for your appointment.

  • Please bring and wear your own mask/face covering .


  • Please leave as many accessory items in the car/at home as you are able to, e.g watches, jewellery, bags etc. The less there is on you, the less chance there is of contamination.

  • Where possible please wear clothing that allows your practitioner to see the area that is being treated and allows good flexibility. For example a vest top for women having their neck treated, gym wear for lower back treatment, shorts for knee and ankle treatment. Gowns will still be provided where necessary but we ask that this be kept to a minimum.

  • Please use hand sanitisers on entering and exiting the building.


  • Avoid any unnecessary handling of furniture or clinic property.

  • We kindly ask that patients do not bring friends or family to appointments unless required as a chaperone or for assistance.

  • Contactless payment is preferred.

We have conducted a thorough risk assessment and implemented mitigating actions where necessary to reduce risk as much as possible.  This includes reducing footfall through the clinic, spacing appointments, training for all practitioners and staff, increased infection control process and procedures, wearing of correct PPE and increased signage around the clinic.  Our team have been fully trained on our updated infection control policies and procedures to further ensure your safety and theirs.

Your Chiropractor will be wearing the PPE as directed by our governing body. This will include single use gloves and apron and single session face masks. We will be wearing scrubs that will be only worn in clinic in order to limit risk of infection